Siim Vahtrus

Siim is an experienced moderator and trainer of argumentation, negotiations and sales skills at SpeakSmart /

Siim enjoys adapting to diverse conditions and expectations of our clients. Siim has designed and run various international meetings, discussions and conferences, like Let's Do It World Conference 2020, annual Baltic Water Works Conference and Centre for Defence Investment's annual conference NBDE-Nordic-Baltic Defence Estate. 

Siim Vahtrus became the Estonian champion in debating while studying in university and he has actively been involved in discussions based on argumentation for over ten years. Siim has benefited from his argumentation and debating skills during his entire career. After graduating from University of Tartu School of Law in 2011, he worked as a lawyer at the Estonian Environmental Law Center. He now works at COBALT as a senior associate and uses legal argumentation in his daily work when drafting legal analyses or when counseling clients on individual cases. This often involves negotiating and finding potential compromises with the other parties involved. Siim has trained officials, local communities as well as entrepreneurs on legal matters.

Below is a small selection of different events designed and run by Siim:

  • Co-Moderator with Marleen Pedjasaar at hybrid conference "The 5th International Conference on Men and Equal Opportunities: Men who care" (in English)

  • Moderator at "Let's Do It World Conference 2020" (in English)

  • Estonian Vegan Society's discussion “More Expensive Than Gold - Value Based Economy Today and in the Future”. Listen about it here or read about it here

  • Moderator and discussion leader at the annual Baltic Water Works Conference of the Estonian Water Works Association.

  • Moderator for Sekretä conference “What Is the Key to a Happy Workday?”. Look at photos

  • Ministry of Rural Affairs' discussion about developing an action plan for personnel strategy.

  • Moderator for the National Institute of Health Development's team building day.

  • Moderator for the Centre for Defence Investment's annual conference NBDE-Nordic-Baltic Defence Estate (in English)

  • In autumn 2018, twelve nation-wide training sessions on developing argumentation skills for the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

    • Feedback: The trainer was very good and knew the topic in-depth. The content was logically and effortlessly communicated to me and hopefully to other participants.

  • In 2018-2019, training sessions at the Folk Culture Centre.

    • Feedback: The entire preparation process for the training was constructive and collaborative. The results met the expectations of the target group. The trainer was able to make a connection with the participants and during the sessions we solved work-related situations. It was very important for our sessions to teach skills that could be implemented at work.

Feedback from participants to Siim's events:

  • Very good communicator, positive and encouraging.

  • The trainer had a very clear communicating style and gave interesting examples.

  • A big thank you! I got many good tips and directions on how and what to consider in argumentation and meetings. I had a great time with you!

  • Competent, well prepared and relatable.