Kai has over 16 years of experience as a moderator, discussion leader and trainer. Kai has led and participated in various global debate programs, for example promoting the debate movement in countries such as Nepal, Norway, Moldova, Myanmar, etc.

Kai holds a Bachelor's degree in education and a Master's degree in English from the University of Tartu. In recent years, Kai has furthered her education by obtaining a coaching qualification. 

Kai has worked for many years as a director of the Estonian Civil Society. Since 2023, she has been working in the Innovation Team of the Government Office.


The use of a moderator is one of the best solutions in certain situations, which helps to direct attention and energy from opposing each other to thinking along and discussing the content. The moderator's ability to adequately assess the situation and to guide the start and flow of the discussion accordingly stood out. The thorough preliminary work that the moderator did before the event to familiarize herself with the topics and the target group certainly played an important role.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to see Kai Klandrof working. She delves into the topic on the grassroots level, if necessary, modifies the topic or the course of the debate according to the target group or the circumstances, staying true to the purpose of the debate. Triin Nõlvak, EAS
Kai worked through a lot of materials in a short time, made connections and used them skillfully to direct the discussion. She was very professional and fast. Kaspar Koppel, EAS
The communication with the moderator went well, and she was flexible just before the event to adapt and make small changes that helped make the event even better for us. It was a very important experience for me that I can trust the moderator to lead the entire event from start to finish and not have to worry about more than just delivering my presentation (not staying on schedule, technical glitches, engaging participants, etc.). The moderator helped me focus on my work. I am still waiting for the summaries of the event, but I believe that they will be as useful as the day of our cooperationPiret Väljaots, Tartu Linnavalitsus