Conference Moderator

A moderator is the one who will help your conference or discussion day become more coherent by shaping its atmosphere, controlling its structure, directing opinions and staying within the time-frame.

Together with the client, the moderator will review your event's schedule and presentations' content, and will offer additional suggestions on schedule, used technology or methods. Regardless of when you choose to involve the moderator (the earlier the better!), they are able to help you adjust your plan with experience and from a fresh viewpoint.

During the event, the moderator makes sure that the speakers stay within the time-frame and the audience doesn't fall asleep. They keep the event on topic and on time, maintain the pace of the event, introduce speakers, manage the schedule for free time and are the representative of the client to all participants at the event. SpeakSmart moderators have plenty of experience in engaging with the audience and there is no need to fear embarrassing silence or awkward moments.

Our moderators often use conference management software. This software enables organisers to engage with the participants electronically, for example to conduct questionnaires, make choices and ask questions. It also holds an interactive schedule, so every participant can see what presentation starts in what room. The moderator manages and configures that software.

We are offering additional service in:
  • Helping with technical solutions, for example researching where to rent a conference clock or who’s services to hire for live-streaming or live-broadcasting.
  • Conducting a show debate at the beginning of the conference in order to open the topic.
  • Preparing the speakers for their performance through personal consultation - developing the structure and visuals for the speech, and if necessary, practicing the performance.
  • Conducting a thinking and communication workshop that is based on argumentation. These universal skills can be a refreshing addition to your meeting or event. Read more
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