Internal Meeting Moderator

Every enterprise faces changes and they are not always easy. For example, the team needs to have contemplated and comprehensive discussions and make calculated decisions when setting a new focus or choosing between new strategic directions. It is important that all parties are given a chance to express their opinion with argumentation.

We offer our clients a solution of a moderated meeting format with argumentation.

We begin the day with working out the topic and outlining the subject of the meeting, what it will and won't be. We'll keep the focus on the topic or the change and will not try to solve other work-related issues. We'll then look at various arguments that support and oppose the topic, and debate the subject matter in smaller teams. We base that activity on a specific format and we use developed arguments. Debating allows the employees to think about the strengths and weaknesses of different sides of the subject-matter, and to comparatively analyse it against their own position.

Sometimes the employee will change their initial conviction after hearing the arguments at the meeting and realizing that the counter arguments are stronger and the upcoming change is not that bad. It has also happened that some participants leave with a shared understanding that the initial idea still needs development. Often the employee stands by their position, but because they understand the counter arguments they will accept the changes. All of these are appropriate results.

The aim of the meeting is not to force anyone to change their opinion, but rather to open up the reasons for the changes, resolve any emotions that have already risen, to give everyone a chance to speak and to listen to their positions with argumentation.

Participants who have attended the meeting have:
  • Received necessary arguments to make a calculated decision on the topic and have resolved any emotions that had emerged;
  • Thought through the most important supporting and counter arguments for themselves and compared them with their personal convictions;
  • Analysed the most important points of the topic with the team and discovered aspects that require further discussion;
  • Realised as a team how to move forward.
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