Give your participants' thoughts a chance!

Whether it's an internal meeting, inclusion seminar, conference, round table discussion or debate, the result of the event largely depends on how well the moderator can direct the participants to communicate in an interesting and profound manner. In order to achieve that, you need the skills of discussion design and direction, and only the latter is not enough.

In Estonia, SpeakSmart offers professional discussion design and moderation services under the trademark Every year, our moderators direct about 50 discussions and conferences, from dental care introductions to leading brainstorming sessions on the future of Estonia's higher education system.

You can order the moderator (designing and leading a discussion) and daily conference moderation service, become a good moderator yourself or with our support shape the culture of your enterprise meetings.

All our services are custom-made, so that we can focus on your needs and provide you with a solution.

Meet our moderators and ask for an offer.