Moderator = discussion designer + discussion leader

It often happens that when the discussion goes well and without any issues, the discussion leader remains invisible. When the discussion is without objectives, drags along, is confusing or goes overtime, the discussion leader is the one people look to.
The work of a good moderator starts before the event - with discussion design and preparation. In order to achieve that, the moderator discusses the event with the client and together they set the objective of the discussion, the expected results, the participants, and what are the needs and expectations of participants expressing their opinions. As a result of the discussion design process, the moderator drafts the discussion schedule. This will be the basis for all communication with the speakers and participants when discussing the format, potential topics or questions and answering any questions they might have.
This way all parties will feel confident - speakers know what should be the content of their message, the moderator knows that the speakers are prepared and the client knows that their idea and objective for the discussion has been secured.

Sometimes the moderator only participates in the discussion design process and prepares a separate discussion leader to guide the event. But often the moderators themselves are the discussion leaders. For the discussion to be successful, it is vital that the moderator is capable of directing the speakers and participants to communicate with argumentation, purpose and in an engaging manner. They can manage the discussion opening process, its development and are able to end the discussion and make conclusions. Very often we see discussions that have a beginning, but there doesn't seem to be any dynamics, structure or ending. A good discussion is like a story-book - the suspense lasts throughout the hour and a half because it contains controversies, flows, humor and a discussion conclusion that leaves the audience with a specific message.

The moderator is also the person who ends the discussion or event by drawing a conclusion of the focal points of the discussion. An excellent moderator also writes briefs for the client or conducts follow-up meetings with the client to discuss what are the necessary changes for the next event. Therefore, the moderator and the discussion organiser are in close communication from start to end.

Our moderators are excellent professionals - with thorough preparation, skilled in argumentation, focused on the objective and content of the event and discussion, good communicators and speakers, quick on their feet, with great sense of time and have the ability to quickly delve into various topics.

We will:
  • Analyse the topics in detail and offer balanced and well-formulated topics for conferences and discussions;
  • Offer discussion formats that are based on argumentation and that derive from the topic and objective;
  • Direct the speakers to justify their positions;
  • Create short and specific briefs of the presentations, so that the audience can follow the subject matter more easily;
  • Will not let the event digress from the topic, schedule or objective;
  • Will not let the more dominating listeners or speakers alter the objective of the discussion;
  • Sense the discussion atmosphere and will make choices in favour of a more peaceful, quicker and inclusive discussion;
  • Analyse the mindset of the audience and if necessary include them in the discussion more or less.
The service includes:
  • Before the event, we map and formulate topics that will be in focus together with the client;
  • Developing an appropriate format according to formulated topic and the objective set by the client;
  • Moderating the discussion with argumentation according to the agreed format;
  • Presenting the client with a synopsis of the discussion arguments within a week.
Describe your event HERE and we will get back to you with our first ideas within two working days. If You like them, we can start preparing a more comprehensive discussion design.

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