Since the beginning of his debating career in 2006, Lauri has acquired a wide range of experience in debate moderation and debate management. Lauri's professional experience includes the management of several companies and, in recent years, team leadership in the public sector.

Lauri's educational background is in law. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Tartu and a Master of International Law from Leiden University.


I would definitely recommend SpeakSmart to others, as in our opinion it is a professional and experienced team that will contribute to the success of the event. I really liked the preliminary work that the moderators did together with the Development Monitoring Center experts to conduct the workshop. It is also worth noting that the moderators did more than was expected of them, e.g. they also helped with the technical organization of the event on site. Kadri Mats, Arenguseire Keskus
Everything went smoothly, moderator managed to keep everyone on topic in the discussion circle.
Iā€™m satisfied with the expertise of the moderator. I like that the moderator can give positive criticism and make suggestions so that members don't feel bad. For advanced/experienced members, he could have been even more critical.