Margo Loor

A good conversation is engaging, makes maximum use of each participant’s viewpoint and reaches the desired goal in a given time. Whereas an insanely great conversation is one, where the result is greater than the sum of participants, where synergy creates ideas and solutions, that no one could even have expected at the outset. A successful moderator delivers at least a good conversation in any situation, while always striving to create the insanely great ones. Margo has developed and refined his skills for more than 20 years to be a successful moderator.
  • Margo started his journey in Estonian Debating Society in 1994 as a competitive debater, to gain stage confidence, learn public speaking techniques, presentation time management, quick analytical thinking and precise, structured self-expression.
  • Since 1998 he has worked as a teacher in various schools, as a lecturer in Tallinn University and as a trainer in SpeakSmart and Äripäev Academy, where he has learned to manage group processes and to guide discussions in groups of vastly different sizes, expectations and memberships.
  • Studies in University of Tartu School of Law and work in Hedman Osborne Clarke Attorneys-at-Law added systemic thought, calm, rational negotiation skills and knowledge of meeting formats to his skillset.
  • In Good Deed Foundation, Margo was responsible for facilitating strategy creation and strategic discussion of organisations in his portfolio, giving him abilities of visually guiding and clarifying meetings and methods for leading strategic planning scenarios.
  • As a CEO of Estonian Debating Society for 4 years, Margo was often in situations, where it was necessary to talk to the media or to carry out joint projects with media channels (e.g. ERR show "Elect me!"). Multi-year inside experience with media production, especially television and online media, working side by side with producers, directors, editors, was the valuable added skillset.
  • Volunteering his time to Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations as their chairman of supervisory board has taught Margo one-on-one coaching, which relies heavily upon listening skills and leading by asking socratic questions. Same skills, that enable a moderator to steer a difficult discussion.
  • Additionally, Margo has developed various conversational abilities in non-formal training courses, such as Gordon Training, non-violent communication and vocal skills.

Margo Loor moderating a discussion at the Port Noblessner's .

A moderator is much more than a person leading the conversation. Much of the work is hidden, beginning long before the discussion ever starts, in some cases many months earlier. Preparation is all about discussion design - what is the focal question, how many participants will there be and who will they be, how will the audience be engaged, what format will be used, what technological support will be needed, what is the best place for the discussion etc. Occasionally, the moderator will not even take stage at all, instead preparing a host for the discussion from among the employees of the client.

Margo enjoys adapting to the most diverse conditions and expectations of our clients. From a twenty minute panel discussion to a multi-hour negotiation marathon, from openair festivals to business conferences or wedding ceremonies, from live TV broadcasts to written debates, from groups of friends to top politicians.

Margo Loor moderating the final discussion at The Opinion Festival 2015 with Annika Uudelep.

Below is a small selection of different events, where his skills have passed the trial by fire:
  • Clean World Conference interview and panel discussion with the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid. Conference homepage.
  • Tallinn English College alumnus conference moderator. Watch here (in Estonian).    
  • Digitalising Development, IdeaLab and Conference 2017, moderator of the day 
  • facilitating the annual conference of the Estonian Qualifications Authority
  • moderating the strategy planning meeting of the Association of Estonian Internal Auditors
  • conducting debates at the National Audit Office
  • moderating a radio talk show about discussion culture in Estonia, studio video here (in Estonian)
  • preparing all moderators and designing discussion formats for Opinion Festivals 2013-2015
  • moderating the pinnacle discussion between chairmen of parliamentary parties at Opinion Festival 2015
  • advising a rectorial candidate of Talinn University of Technology for rectorial debates
  • conducting workshops at Innove education network summer meeting
  • moderating the rectorial debate of Tallinn University, video here (in Estonian)
  • Margo taking the stage at TedX Tartu 2015, video here
  • moderating an election debate in Postimees, video here
  • preparing the CEO of a TOP 3 largest Estonian companies for participation in a public debate (2014)
  • designing Our Estonia discussion day and training moderators for Estonian Development Fund (2014)
  • facilitating 5th Levira Digital Broadcasting Conference “Fresh Connections” (2013)
  • facilitating the National Rescue Board annual conference on Fire Safety Supervision (2013)
  • training table moderators for Estonian People’s Assembly (2013)
  • being a wedding host at the wedding of Andres and Helena (2011)
  • moderating online written debates in Postimees (2010-2014);
  • facilitating discussions for “What makes us angry?” documentary cinema project (2003)
Margo Loor moderating the final debate between candidates for the rector's position of Tallinn Univerty.