Margo is a leading expert in his field and the lead trainer and moderator at SpeakSmart. Margo has over 20 years of experience, having led countless trainings and discussions, from panel discussions to negotiations, from an open-air festival to business conferences and live TV broadcasts. Describing the role of a moderator, Margo said: "A great discussion is engaging, makes maximum use of the contribution of each participant and reaches the desired result. The result of a great discussion is bigger than the sum of its participants, where group synergy creates thoughts and results, which no one could have even expected at the beginning of the discussion. A good moderator always produces at least a good discussion, but always aims towards a great discussion." 

Margo started his journey in Estonia'n Debating Society in 1994 as a competitive debater to gain stage confidence, public speaking techniques, the ability to clearly express thoughts, time management, analytical skills and thinking

Specializing in law at the University of Tartu and work at the law firm Hedman Osborne Clarke gave him the skills of systematic thinking and calm, rational negotiation as well as knowledge of meeting formats.

In Good Deed Foundation, Margo was responsible for facilitating strategy creation and strategic discussion of organisations in his portfolio, giving him abilities of visually guiding and clarifying meetings and methods for leading strategic planning scenarios.

As a CEO of Estonian Debating Society for 4 years, Margo was often in situations, where it was necessary to talk to the media or to carry out joint projects with media channels. Multi-year inside experience with media production, especially television and online media, working side by side with producers, directors, editors, was the valuable added skillset.

Volunteering his time to Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations as their chairman of supervisory board has taught Margo one-on-one coaching, which relies heavily upon listening skills and leading by asking socratic questions. Same skills, that enable a moderator to steer a difficult discussion.

Additionally, Margo has developed various conversational abilities in non-formal training courses, such as Gordon Training, non-violent communication and vocal skills.

Company strategy day using a professional moderator was the right decision for us and paid off in many ways. Firstly, an experienced moderator with a wealth of experience will help and draws attention to a number of important points in the daily agenda and details that you might otherwise overlook. I was able to take part in the strategy day as a participant in a rather relaxed way, knowing that our day was in good hands. All in all, it was a very successful event for us. Both, our organisers and as participants were very pleased that we decided to bring Margo on board as our moderator.
We used Margo as a conference moderator. Very professional process. Margo was able to read in to a foreign topic in a very short time and to present himself as an old friend in the field of fisheries. A very good communicator and a broad-minded person, who makes ideal contact with the audience from the first moment.
I would recommend SpeakSmart to others, as in our opinion it is a professional and experienced team who will contribute to the success of the event. The cooperation with the 6 moderators went well. I really liked the preparatory work done by the moderators. The moderators were very helpful in facilitating the workshop. Attention that the moderators went above and beyond what was expected of them, e.g. they also assisted with technical organisation of the event on the ground. The workshops were well run and interestingly structured. Kadri Mats, Development Monitoring Centre
I really liked that Margo as moderator kept the pace of the strategy day, guided the process, involved every participant, asked the important questions and the goal of the day was achieved. We updated the association's goals and objectives and agreed on metrics. Mare Timian, Estonian Society of Internal Auditors Member of the Board


  • Cooperation Conference by The North Estonia Medical Centre & TalTech “Science, Technology and Medicine” moderator 2021 (hybrid conference). Watch here
  • Hybrid Conference “VI Trainers Non-Conference: Hybrid Training” 2021 (EPALE & Andras) moderator. Watch here
  • Facilitator for the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency international conference “Asia Update”